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Trial Sanctioning

  • Available classes to sanction are Open, Nursery, Intermediate, Novice, Junior (14 and under) and Horseback

  • One or all classes in a trial may be sanctioned

  • Sanctioning is per run

  • If a trial has more than one run, each run will be sanctioned separately and will be awarded points separately (finals are not considered a run)

  • The sanctioning fees for 2024/2025 are $4/run. 

  • An application for a trial must be submitted at least 14 days before the trial in order to be eligible for CCDA sanctioning

  • Trial hosts MUST submit results and sanctioning fees no later than 30 days after their event. Failure to do so will result in members not being able to receive points.  Runs should be submitted separately including any and all RTs or DQs, and the score sheet should include a "chute" time to break ties on runs. Please send results to and e-transfer funds to

  • Send Trial sanctioning fees to cattledogoffice

  • Send Trial results to CCDA Correspondence

Trial Sanctioning Request
Please complete and submit the form below to submit your upcoming trial for sanctioning consideration.

Thank you!

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